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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Horror Books Make the Best Movies- Revisited

I have fun reading horror books.  They always manage to take you by surprise in some way when you read them.  I think they make the best movies because of their element of surprise.  Some horror movies based on books are The Ring based on the book Ring by Koji Suzuki, The Howling based on the book by Gary Brandner, and Hannibal based on the book by Thomas Harris.  I like books and movies where you are taken by surprise.  The best part about it is that you are waiting for something to take you by surprise, you just don't know when.  Horror books make great entertainment to read and see their movies!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Western Genres Continued

What inspires the writer in me to write western genres is when I think of things that used to mean a lot when we people settled in America, but no longer has that kind of significance to it.  For example, it used to mean a lot to travel a couple miles.  Now that is not the case.  This western way of life is inspires me in itself.  As a writer, I like to look for these things that interest me.  When I think about some of these examples it continuously inspires me. This is a whole new way of life that can always be found in western genres.  I love to read and write genres like these.  The writer as well as the reader in me never get bored!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Favorite Things In Science Fiction Books

I have a list of things that I have read in science fiction books.  They are some of my favorite topics in science fiction.  I could go on for each of these topics and explain why I like them, why they fit so well with science fiction books, and the interest they bring to science fiction books.  That is why they are my favorite.  Some of these things are amazing ideas.  Here is a list of my favorite things in science fiction books:

  • Time travel
  • robots
  • zombies
  • eternal life
  • superpowers
  • scientific discoveries
  • scientific technology
  • illusions

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Fun In Reading Mystery Books

There is a lot of fun to reading mystery books.  The settings, along with the plots never get boring!  I love to go along with the characters and find some answers in the books that I read.  There are so many ways to go about solving a mystery and each of these mystery books have a different way to take you.  That's what I love about them.  I like to experience something unique within each book that I read.  You never have the same mystery with the same answers.  It is fun to predict some answers to come and be taken by surprise.  Whether it is pure entertainment or you happen to take something away from reading this book, it is always fun reading mystery books!

You can read more on what mystery books have to say below:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Describe yourself as a character.  On the days that you choose this writing exercise, try to change yourself slightly in stances, beliefs, flaws, and strong holds.  This helps to develop good character invention skills;  i.e. learning to walk in their shoes.  As you develop different characters in this way change up on some days, putting a particular "you" character into a situation and really try to ask yourself what you would do.  Be honest.  You can learn different takes on stances and what actually keeps people in line with what they know is right and wrong.  Anyone can slip or slack on certain issues but it is the amount of discipline and to the degree of discipline that they project onto themselves that makes them who they are.  And to a certain point, that can change every day.  Make your characters ALIVE.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     One of the best ways to overcome writing obstacles is to write.  And I mean write anything!  That's easy to say, I know, but enacting it may not be as hard as you think it is.  In fact, I'm sure you've done it in the past already!  Yeah, you might say, tried, failed, and gave up!  If that's the case, you didn't exactly do it the way you should have.  Listen up fellow writer!

     When faced with writer's block or any dilemma, it is best to embrace the hold that your mind has put on you rather than fight it.  Figure out the extra somethn' your brain wants for the story.  The only way to figure this out is to wait.  By "wait", I mean keep on until it comes to you.

     Keep on writing even if you think the material is trash.  To get to the final masterpiece your brain must cycle through other ideas and rule them out.  Even if you have it all planned out, sit through the block until the action finally starts. - Write.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Favorite Settings In Horror Books

I love horror book settings.  Horror books with settings that seem realistic to the reader are my favorite.  Like in the mall, you may think that everything is normal, but that is hardly the case.  That is my favorite part in horror books.  Settings like this are ideal for a horror story.  Behind the scenes there is an evil being.  Horror books make things possible that aren't in order to scare you.  It is fun to read these stories.  I never get tired of the settings in the horror books that I read.  They really do add to the plot.  Horror books are one of my favorite genres to read.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Science Fiction Genres Continued

Science fiction genres are one of my favorite genres to read!  Science in itself has so many possibilities out there to explore, and science fiction goes to the moon with all of these possibilities.  Anything that is way out there and can be explored or studied is a potential plot.  There are unlimited possibilities with science fiction genres.  What inspires the writer in me to write a science fiction book is when I think of the interests that I have related to science.  Everything around us can be related to science in one way or another.  I have so much fun reading science fiction books.  It is hard not to think of these things to inspire the writer in me.  That is another reason why I love science fiction genres.  They relate so much to the world around us.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mystery Books Make the Best Movies- Revisited

One of my favorite reads are mystery books.  I love it when I am reading one of these books and I see the mystery get solved!  That is one of the best parts for me when I am reading mystery books.  The other best part for me is when I get to see these books made into movies!  Some movies based on mystery books are Water for Elephants based on the book by Sarah Gruen, The Rite based on the book by Matt Baglio, and I Am Number Four based on the book by Jobie Hughes and James Frey.  I love to read mystery books.  The best part about them is when you can read them and get the best of both worlds.  It is fun to see these books and how their movies turn out.  They really make the best movies!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Favorite Settings In Action Books

The settings that I like in action books are the ones that make the character feel boxed in like they can't get out.  Some of my favorite are settings like a crowded city or town and settings with a small room that is hard to get out of.  I think these make great action settings.  They are my favorite settings for action books because it creates a lot of tension needed for action settings.  For me, the more tension the better in action settings!  They are also my favorite settings because it makes it almost impossible for the character to escape, which leads them to do some fighting.  I like action books that have settings like this.  It is always fun to see what is coming next in these books!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     On a writer's good day he/she can give advice to fellow writers if asked to.  Because the writer is up to beat that day, recieving many ideas, the ideas coming to him can quickly come to life in words.  If you can do this, or have helped someone in this way, it's no wonder the day you can't write becomes "a dying day".  Frustrated and eager minds quickly label failures in this way.  So, I'll bet you want someone like you on those days.  But why not have you.

     On those good days take some time after you write or on breaks to give a quick note on what motivated, inspired, or helped you write.  Then on the bad days, open up this note and read for yourself some helpful tips on what can get you going.  After all, who is better to help you than yourself.  You know what to warn yourself of and how to get that mind of yours going.  The pure feeling of opening the note can give you the inspiration you need, as you remember how good it felt to write on that good day of yours.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Power To Write- Get Inspired

     A writer asked himself if this is where he belonged.  Where?  As a writer, of course!  Even though he is identified as a writer here and is actually asking as a writer, he still wants to be sure that is what he is.  A writer is a writer.  The question that should be asked is whether or not this is who he wants to be.

     If you are writing and ask this question, you should know that you are already a writer.  And yes, this is where you should be.  Someone who writes loves to write.  With things that we love there will always be hard and troubling times that we must learn to deal with in a way that puts us back on track with what we love.  Because we love something, we want to do it right and not mess it up - that is what can be stressful.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Writer And The Reader- The Author That Cares

          When motivation kicks in and we are on a role, nothing can stop us!  Ideas are coming...and going...  What happens when inspiration is there but what we have is not coming out in words.  There is only one thing you can do:  If information is already accredited, the story is developed and all that is left is writing it all out, be silent.  -  In other words, relax.

     Like I have said before, a scattered mind only gives scattered results.  So you must wait until something develops.  This is just part of the writing process that we always expect to skip every now and then.  Writing a book takes time.  And no matter how short on time you are, do things in the order that they come to you.  Wait to write until you feel like writing and don't force it.

     Don't get me wrong, sometimes pushing through things can get you to where you needed to be quite successfully, but it is all on the time that you decide to do it.  You know best!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favorite Settings In Western Books

Every western book has some kind of wonderful scenery.  This is one of my favorite parts in western books!  I love settings with the sun setting or rising in western books.  They are my favorite.  It can mean the beginning or end to the story.  It can also symbolize the start or end of a new part in a character's life.  Settings with the sun are my favorite because they can symbolize so many things.  If they do not symbolize something, they add something great to the surroundings that the story takes place.  A setting with the sun gives a great impression to the reader.  I think it adds something great to the story!  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Mystery Books Have to Say

Mystery books have a lot to say.  They have a lot to say about your imagination and what mysteries could be out there in our life today.  Pretty much anything without an explanation would be a mystery.  Mystery books will tell you that.  They say where the mystery is, whether it is a true story or something that is just unexplained in life, and tell you what the answer could be.  This is all very interesting, but there is much more to what mystery books have to say.  They may be telling you to seek out answers for things you don't know about.  Mystery books may also tell you to avoid finding answers so you don't suffer the consequences.  They may say something about a life lesson from a common mystery that people may encounter.  Mystery books may offer a word of advice for dealing with the unknown.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Romance Books Make the Best Movies- Revisited

Romance Books always have something to say to the reader.  They speak to the heart.  They play on our emotions every time.  Romance books make stories that are hard to forget.  They make the best of us when we are looking for something uplifting.  I think they are the best stories we are looking for.  They are becoming very popular.  So many times we see them mixed in with other genres.  Of course, their movies make the best stories, and make the best of us too.  Some movies based on romance books are Enchantment based on the book Take Three Tenses by Rumer Godden, Forrest Gump based on the book by Winston Groom, and The Firm based on the book by John Grisham.  I love reading romance books.  They make the best movies!

Monday, November 14, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Fantasy Genres Continued

I enjoy writing and reading fantasy genres.  Every time I open up a fantasy book the writer in me cannot put it down.  My love of reading and writing fantasy genres is the cause of this.  What inspires the writer in me to write fantasy genres is when I think of objects that are not alive, and give them human characteristics.  This can seem like nonsense, but you could end up with something extraordinary.  The thought of that inspires me.  It is fun reading fantasy genres that have something like this.  For example, Ella Enchanted with the talking book.  Another example would be trees that talk and have human faces.  The writer in me does not push these ideas away.  They are great story material for fantasy genres!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Writer And The Reader- The Author That Cares

        As an author, you know why you write.  You love to!  There are countless reasons for every writer.  So reminding yourself on these reasons are healthy ways to keep you writing and inspired.  Don't give up!

     If you're down on yourself or frustrated with your writing progress, and reminding yourself of these reasons doesn't help, try thinking of your audience - the many waiting to be inspired by your words.  Why do the readers read?  They share a lot of the same reasons that you have for why you write.  The writer and the reader share a deep connection.  Concentrating on this relationship is inspiring.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Do you ever feel happy reading your mail or emails?  Do reminders in the mail help you stay on track?  Here's an idea:  there is someone who wants to see you finish your book and is emailing you constantly, everyday, to remind you and to give suggestions.

     Okay if the message isn't worth seeing you might end up with a crowed inbox, but say that it is worth it.  Sometimes ideas roll in and suggestions of ways to go in the story.  Who?  An agent.  No.  A publisher?  I wish.  A friend? might call it that.  It's a character from your book!

     What?!  Ha, ha!  A character from your book is a very important individual to be speaking to you because they know how much your book has to offer.  There is no one else who has that special insight.  The author that spends valuable time to put together something that can be shared and provide a joyful experience for those who read the material, should be as eager as the character in their book to get this thing finished!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     When faced with a writing dilema, or writer's block, the writer can go with the flow and work with the dilema by going at the pace he/or she is alloted.  We like to think that we can rush our way through the block in our mind and end up with something to work with, but in reality, a book takes time to create.  If you could come up with something that fast, you're like a computer!  Why not have it pre-written, for crying out loud?  Where's the joy in creating the story?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mystery Books Make the Best Movies- Revisited

When there is a mystery, it is always entertaining.  Mystery books are a big part in all the mystery stories that we like to hear about.  That is why they make some of the best movies.  Movies are a part of the big part of the mystery every one is talking about.  The best part about it is that they are so unknown, it is left to the imagination.  The mystery can go on and on forever.  Here are some movies based on mystery books:  The Da Vince Code based on the book by Dan Brown, The Black Dahlia based on the book by James Ellroy, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang based on the book Bodies Are Where You Find Them by Brett Halliday.  Some of the best mysteries sparked are covered in mystery books.  It is not surprising that these stories are so popular in the movies.  These are great movies and good reads!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Favorite Settings In Fantasy Books

Just by having a good imagination you can come up with millions of settings in fantasy books.  My favorite fantasy books have something that is out of this world within the story.  I like fantasy books that have to do with this because it adds extra imagination to the story.  I have fun reading books like this.  My favorite settings in fantasy books are those that have this kind of extra imagination going on in the background.  Settings with extra imagination add to the fantasy part of the plot in the story.  I have a lot of fun with these settings because they are so open to your imagination.  I really like those settings with things not there for any particular reason, but to add to the drama in the story.  Like dark settings.  It just kind of adds to the plot going on in the story.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Short Stories Make the Best Movies Revisited

There are some great short stories out there.  These stories give a lot of imagination to the reader.  Stories that are short are fun to read because you can reflect clearly on the story after reading it.  I find it very entertaining to read short stories.  The best time for me to read short stories is when I am familiar with the movie.  It is enjoyable when I am able to see movies off of the short stories that I have read.  Here are some movies based on short stories:  From Beyond based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft, Impostor based on the short story by Philip K. Dick, and The Last Mimzy based on the short story Mimsy Were the Borogoves by Lewis Padgett.  I like to see movies like these.  They give me more reflection on the story that I read and they are just entertaining to watch.  Short stories really do make some of the best movies!

Monday, November 7, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Western Genres Continued

Western genres are some of the best genres to come by.  They have original material that is worth reading.  What inspires the writer in me to write a western book, is when I think of situations that would be exciting, and put these situations in a remote place in the wild.  I like action westerns.  This is what inspires a writer like me to write a western.  I think of action plots, and then place them in a western setting.  I can think of many plots to fit in with any other western settings.  As a writer, I have fun coming up with the settings to fit in with the plot.  These are the kind of stories in the western genres that I like to read and write about.  They are exciting and fun to experience, no matter which role you play, reading the story, or being the writer.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Power To Write- Get Inspired

     Are you facing a writing dilemma.  Most often it's either ourselves, or time getting in the way.  Taking time out to sort through the problem is necessary.  Time can be a stressful thing, but time will go on with or with out you.  Further, it will go on regardless of the way you feel; nervous wreck or calm and sufficed.

     Chances are you will eventually find a solution.  Just remember that a clouded mind brings clouded results.  The best way to deal with a writing dilemma is to relax.  The writing problem can be resolved much easier this way.  Though it's hard to do, be it writer's block, writing dilemma and any other problems, we all know that a clear mind is the best way to go if we can get there.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Book- A Movie?

     Not only do tough questions put forth an awesome story line, but they also relate the reader to the character and to the scene at hand.  Put us there, right then, with that person(s).  We like to be on the edge of our seats, to cry, to laugh and to be embarrassed.  We want it to happen to us, because we're there. Right?  Are we there?

     Find out by asking the tough questions.  They are fun for both the reader and the writer.  Like in our previous example, saving one person out of a group of people that we love would be the most difficult thing to do both mentally and physically because we would be straining to save just one more person even though we know that we simply can not.

     Just think of what we do when we watch a movie.  Lots of the times we say, "I would have done this..." or "I don't know what I would have done!".  The author leaves its audience thinking and that's exactly what you want them doing!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Answering questions can be your worst nightmare.  In many situations around the world it is the fear that we might answer them wrongly or draw the wrong impression from our response.  The writer certainly has questions he/she must be able to answer about their work.  They have to know the answers to the questions because for most of these questions, the author has already asked it to himself (sometimes instinctively, without knowing).  The author has character questions to answer as well.  But when relating to your story line, have you asked the "tough questions"?

     Asking tough questions can bring forth story ideas and room for development.  For example, who do I save first?  Knowing that there is a possibility you will not be able to save everyone, put in an extreme situation, and think of what you would do if you and the people you know were the characters.  How horrible it would be for these characters in their dying moments to see you choose from them in order of importance.  We do this all the time when watching movies and reading books.  We relate to the characters in this way.  We try to feel what they are experiencing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Horror Genres Continued

Horror Genres enlighten on one of our favorite senses to feed on...FEAR.  What makes you scared, will make it interesting.  What inspires the writer in me to write a horror book is when I think of what makes me afraid.  What makes me afraid the most is when I realize I can get hurt.  Even those that seem to be fearless seem to get a little scared when they know that they can get hurt.  It would certainly hurt if you fell off of a building, or to came face to face with a killer clown.  I think of these things when I want to be inspired to write horror genres.  What would be one of the most fearful things for me is to come face to face with a killer clown.  That is what works for me!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Romance Books Make the Best Movies- Revisited

Romance books are fun and entertaining.  They make some of the best movies.  Romance books focus on things unique to the characters.  Their movies are unforgettable.  Some movies based on romance books are Letters to Juliet based on the book by Lise Friedman, Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks, and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.  Each of these books follow and focus on something that is different about each character and their lives.  Romance books make nice stories and have a unique experience for each reader.  I love how there are different characters in every romance book that I read.  They make some of the best movies to me because they focus on these things.  It is fun to see these characters in real life when you watch romance movies based on books.  These are good reads, and the movies are fun to watch.    

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Mystery Genres Continued

I love to be inspired to write mystery genres!  Solving a mystery is like a game to me.  Everyone solves a mystery when they watch a movie, research the unknown, or try to figure something out that is just not working for them.  A writer can find plenty of mysteries in life when writing a mystery book.  An excelent supernatual mystery is "The Buck", by Danica Knutson.  It starts out with the game of a hunter, and takes a different turn from there.  There is a good mystery in this book that has you solving it like a game throughout the story.  A lot of us find it entertaining to figure these out.  A mystery book is the perfect opportunity for this kind of entertainment.  What inspires the writer in me to write a mystery book is when I think of it as a game to play.  I consider it like a hobby for the time being.  Something that I enjoy spending time researching, even though I will not find out the answer.  I might even play a game of clue to inspire me!  A game with a mystery inspires the writer in me.  It is exciting to do this.  That is what works for me.