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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Power To Write- Get Inspired

     It's never too late to write your book!  If you enjoy writing, keep it that way.  Writing is a gift you've been given.  The awesome part to this gift is that it is one meant to be shared with others.  It starts as your own inspiration and then grows to inspire many more hearts.  But the only way it can come out of your pocket is if you write for yourself and no one else.

     Relax when you write.  A lot of the time, if you think about writing as an art, you become patient and keen for detail like an artist, painting a portrait.  If writing in your pajamas makes you relax, then do just that.  If drinking a cup of coffee, etc. will help, then have a cup.  Maybe you're thinking about writing a scene where a character from your novel is in his/her pajamas, or a small impression of a cup of coffee; if so, this might bring you into character as well.