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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Inspires The Writer In Me

What inspires me to write the most are my hobbies.  I think it is important to have hobbies because they give something to your writing that is unique to you.  Each person chooses their own hobby for their own reasons.  That is what makes their experience so unique.  They take away something different than everyone else with that same exact hobby.  Those experiences and values in a story make a unique character.  Right now, I find my time gardening.  Not just gardening, but studying the environment around me.  The bees that sometimes almost fly into you, and the occasional sticky mud that you deal with.  Right now with all the heat, my plants need to be watered.  When I am in the sun, I take a break to stand under one of my oak trees.  When I want to describe my character’s feelings, I look at what inspires the writer in me.