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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Finding a writing group, or writing partner is sometimes necessary depending on the individual author.  Whether it is frequent or on a need-to-do basis, sharing has its many benefits.  And if you've run into trouble, and haven't tried it yet, you should give it a shot!

     Socializing with others always gives an extra edge to the subject, may it be the inspiration, another take on the matter, an insight otherwise not seen, or only the satisfaction of your voice being heard, a writing friend is full of surprises, and the list could go on.  Many authors have gone through this process.  Some seek writing groups, others go from one writing group or one individual to another to share their work, and still others simply read their work to a family member.

     You don't even have to speak of your current work.  The process of "speaking about writing" is soothing in itself.  Some writers develop a whole new idea that would not have come up if they hadn't used both of their heads to do it.  Some people join to write a book together.  You never know where writing may take you if you pull yourself up to your greatest ability.