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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Horror Genres Continued

Talking about horror genres probably brings some of the most gruesome horror books to mind.  Whether they tend to be gory, terrifying, or both is the art of the writer's ideas.  They appeal these things to you while working with the plot of the story.  In my opinion, I think I like the scary part the most!  What inspires me to write horror books is when I think of things that I would avoid out of fear.  For example, I would not hang around a place that is dark with sounds of zombies moaning.  That's for sure.  After that, I would think of possibilities that force me to be in this situation, like if it was dark every where and I honestly did not know where I was headed.  Of course the list goes on.  No matter how brave we may be there is going to be some frightening situation that we would avoid at all costs.  I find that I relate to horror books like this.  I often agree with the writer that I wouldn't want to be in the place that the horror book is taking me.  This makes it even more exciting to read their book.  When I use this as my inspiration I like to think that my readers will feel the same when going through the plot in my horror book.