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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Inspires the Writer in Me- Science Fiction Genres

 Science fiction makes one of the most exciting plots that can be interchanged with many other genres.  I love to write science fiction and read it!  With science fiction you can explore all of the possible unknowns out there.  You can make a great "what if kind of a story."  I am inspired every day to write science fiction just by asking these questions.  This really inspires me when I come up with a really good question.  A book with a good question like this one is a really good story to me!  It does help to know about science to come up with these questions, but I have come up with some great questions for my plot just by looking at the nature in my own backyard!  One of the most inspiring things in writing my book is when I come up with an answer to my question.  Writers always think of the unthinkable, that's why they have awesome books!

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