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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Book- A Movie?

     We've put our book on the big screen; thought of it as a movie, looked at visual techniques, and much more.  But have we put ourselves in the character's shoes?  Like an actor knows his script and becomes the character in mind, body, and soul, authors must play the part of every character in their book.

     So, can we become as close to the character as the cast of a movie becomes to each of their roles?  I say yes.  It's hard, but I think we manage to get to this point in different ways.

     Screen writing has it's advantages in this area.  The writer can put forth a setting, actions, and appearances as plainly and matter-of-factly as I would tell you in conversation.  But still, when taking an acting class in college, I really did question  whether the author was able to to put as much time in getting to know his characters as I was.  I remember pairing up with partners and helping each other in many exercises that we did.  Mossing around the campus, we "walked like our character".  Other times we were in conversation as our character.  It definitely helped me play my part.  Sometimes I wish there was a writing class like this; helping each other get to know and develop our characters.  When it's a class, it's not as embarrassing to do these activities.