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Friday, September 9, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     We have all experienced Writer's Block at one time or another, but what about when it's the other way around- too many ideas leave us cycling off a cliff to a dead end (to our death...)?  Just today I had too many expectations, wound up with a migraine, and what did I do?  After getting rid of the migraine, I wrote this post.  Going back to #1 on my list of ways to cope with writer's block I realized I could apply the same techniques to this situation.  I'm looking back on these activities to smooth out my writing- and my mind.

I revisited this post about 6 fun ways to cope as well as the newer activities that I have listed in the past. Don't forget: making a list of small adorations, bringing a poetic sense into the picture, the trash book, character group meetings, physical stimulation, and gift cards.