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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     On a writer's good day he/she can give advice to fellow writers if asked to.  Because the writer is up to beat that day, recieving many ideas, the ideas coming to him can quickly come to life in words.  If you can do this, or have helped someone in this way, it's no wonder the day you can't write becomes "a dying day".  Frustrated and eager minds quickly label failures in this way.  So, I'll bet you want someone like you on those days.  But why not have you.

     On those good days take some time after you write or on breaks to give a quick note on what motivated, inspired, or helped you write.  Then on the bad days, open up this note and read for yourself some helpful tips on what can get you going.  After all, who is better to help you than yourself.  You know what to warn yourself of and how to get that mind of yours going.  The pure feeling of opening the note can give you the inspiration you need, as you remember how good it felt to write on that good day of yours.

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