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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Power To Write- Get Inspired

     Positive thinking brings positive results in countless situations.  Of the many benefits you can give yourself, being healthy is an important example; to name one.  But positive thinking is a writer's best friend.  A healthy mind is achieved by good thoughts, uplifting spirits; one might call it inspiration.

     Sometimes you can use encouragement from a friend, a thoughtful gesture, an interest in your progress/well being, etc.  But everyone faces times where none of that help comes or comes too late.  So we must learn to inspire ourselves.  People can be very good at inspiration.  You are probably good at inspiring others.  So inspire yourself!

     If writer's block strikes, make good use of it, or take a break all together.  Learn to tell yourself It's okay.  Learn to be happy for what you have already achieved - no one can take those accomplishments away!