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Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Find out how books or movies are balanced.  Think of all the climatic points and weigh their importance.  You can think of good versus bad outcomes.  If you do this enough you'll notice trends relating to certain genres.  Sometimes it begs the question, "Is their an ideal pattern to genres?"

     A story usually satisfies both needs for problems and solutions so that there is a clear and defined ending.  On occasion, horror books or movies have one bad thing happen after another and leave the conclusion with another bad happening.  Some movies and books end on a happier note and seem to lean the total balance that way also.  Others are equal in presenting both life's trials and satisfying outcomes.  Can you feel the balance in your own book?  As you add things on both sides of the scale, eventually you have picked apart your novel and the weight is either equal on both sides or leaning toward one.