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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Children's Books Continued

I really enjoy writing children's books.  What inspires me to write a children's book is when I look at our history.  Children's books act as an enjoyment for children, as well as a lesson that is taught.  The writer has a number of options with their lesson when writing a children's book.  When I think of writing children's books, I think of those lessons of history.  It hardly needs to be complicated.  Maybe about a past president or invention.  It is great when children can relate to books.  It is exciting when they realize they are relating with the story.  A writer can give children this opportunity to learn.  It inspires me when I can put these lessons in my children's book.  Children look at basic models when growing up.  It is always good when you can have models of our past that inspires them when growing up.