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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Inspires the Writer in Me - Horror Genres

I know what you are thinking!  No, not the blood and guts!  I do activities that inspire me to think of scary plots.  I don't have to put myself in some dangerous or scary situation to inspire me to write a horror plot for my books.  I like to pay attention to the small details around me.  Things that other people don't notice are the things that I pay attention to.  When the unexpected happens, it takes me by surprise.  That's what makes a scary plot to me.  Sometimes I will just go to a quiet place, but the main thing I do is just go about my normal routine because after all, that is what everyone is doing when a scary plot comes up.  Sounds wierd, right!  I am going to a quiet place and doing my normal every day stuff to get inpired for writing a horror book.  That is what works for me.

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Horror Genres Continued...

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