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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- YA Genres

Young adults are looking for something to inspire them.  At this time they can relate to your books more than anything.  Just thinking of this makes me inspired to write a YA book because I love to make a difference and impact people.  This is a whole new audience, and you can reach out to them in any genre or genres in itself.  I look to my experiences in life and think of the different things this audience is looking for.  They love just about all the possibilities we do, but they are learning as they go, and have much to learn.  They love the creation of imagination and conflicts to overcome, such as good and evil.  I use my imagination to feed into these things.  I look for situations that they would like to find themselves in, or find themselves get out of.  Maybe the usual in some cases, like a break from school life. 

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