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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Another idea is to enhance characters.  There is no limit to how this can be done.  You could use the second method I listed (expand vocab.) to find out more about your character and you can even put yourself in their shoes.  If you wanted to enhance your character through a writing exercise, I have a perfect way to do it.  Use metaphors to substitute for the character's goal, obstacle, talent etc.  Take any of these and put your character into his/her psychological world that they don't see.

     For example, use an open window to represent a way out of a relationship that is troubling.  The setting can mean many things, so think about this in detail.  Is this relationship dark and gloomy, or is there just something better on the other side?  Is there something he/she treasures that keeps them there, like gold?  Will gold symbolize this treasure or could you use something else-maybe it's more intangible than that.