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Monday, October 10, 2011

Inventions Inspired by Books

Hi, there!  This is a very special post I took an interest in lately.  It excites me when I see people inspired by books.  Real push throughs in science with technology are based fiction books!  Naturally the real-life inventions took the spotlight.  These were things made by man that were thought to be only imagination.  But the ideas pushing the invention forward made it possible.  Inventions inspired by the ideas of a writer's science fiction book are indeed possible.  Such science fiction books that were the starters of an invention are Runaround written by Isaac Asimov, and the Star Trek book Mission to Horatious by Mack Reynolds.  The book Runaround was one of the inspiring ideas leading up to the invention of robots and the book Horatious was part of the Star Trek series leading up to the invention of the cell phone.  Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift is the first of many books leading up to the invention of the computer.  Of course, this list never ends, and we are just talking about inventions!  There will be some more to come for another time.