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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Fantasy Genres Continued

Fantasy books bring out something extra to any story or plot.  I love it when you have this out of this world idea fitting in with a story.  I mentioned before that I like to think of ordinary things to inspire me to write a fantasy book.  This time, to inspire the writer in me to write a fantasy book, I think of things that would normally be a bad situation, and make it a rather pleasant one, or vice versa.  For one, I would think of something I would be horrified with if I had to be there.  An example of a situation like this would be falling in the sky, or drowning in the ocean.  I would turn this into a pleasant situation by being able to fly, not fall, and to breathe underwater.  On the opposite side, I would like to read books.  Although, I would be horrified if I could not get out of one!  It might be pleasant at first, but sooner or later I would want to get back to my life.  I can only imagine if it was a horror book!