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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Mystery Genres Continued

I love to be inspired to write mystery genres!  Solving a mystery is like a game to me.  Everyone solves a mystery when they watch a movie, research the unknown, or try to figure something out that is just not working for them.  A writer can find plenty of mysteries in life when writing a mystery book.  An excelent supernatual mystery is "The Buck", by Danica Knutson.  It starts out with the game of a hunter, and takes a different turn from there.  There is a good mystery in this book that has you solving it like a game throughout the story.  A lot of us find it entertaining to figure these out.  A mystery book is the perfect opportunity for this kind of entertainment.  What inspires the writer in me to write a mystery book is when I think of it as a game to play.  I consider it like a hobby for the time being.  Something that I enjoy spending time researching, even though I will not find out the answer.  I might even play a game of clue to inspire me!  A game with a mystery inspires the writer in me.  It is exciting to do this.  That is what works for me.