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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Writer And The Reader- The Author That Cares

     In writing, there begs a cause; in truth, in embellishment, and in reason.  Every writer must give the reader a reason to read on, the means to become engaged, and to provide indefatigable details/material.  Through the tools available we persist at this with the writing techniques that we learn.

     Why should I care about what happens to so-and-so?  Where is this leading- (pages being skimmed to find the next climatic point).  All of these questions, and more that the individual author thinks of, should be answered before advancing plot.  You know your story, keep in mind what has to happen- write it down, advance the character, the plot, and the interest as much as possible, giving every piece a reason to be there.  Then you can say, "Now we begin."