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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Book- A Movie?

     Have you ever watched a movie in writing mode- I mean, focusing on the acute movements that that powerful actor is making, thinking how you would write this in words?  The only approach that brings you back is a grim look from your buddy when he notices that you look like a zombie.  Not cool, but if you can keep your composure, thinking of a movie as a book can be helpful.

     When you're ready to write sometime, put your book on the big screen and see how it would look.  Close your eyes if you have to.  What do you notice first in a sequence of events?  And what pace were they noticed?  What kind of mood did the setting present?  How does your buddy feel in that theater chair- considering that he does'nt have a zombie distracting him?

     Now, how does that feel?  It should feel pretty good.  The only thing left, is to put all of those observations into words and let your writing set the tone, picture, and pace.