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Friday, August 26, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities for Your Book

     What if everything you wrote was trash?  (Raising of hands.  Murmurs, "That's happened to me before.")  Okay, that's horrible to call any writing trash, I know, but us writers set such high expectations for our work that sometimes that's exactly how we feel.  High expectations are great; don't get me wrong, but often the expectation of 'better work' puts us in a block.  Here's a helpful tip: don't always force your writing to work.

     I always think, this isn't good enough!  But I think that is partly due to my insisting that it should be.  So I create a trash book.  Yes, - a trash book.  I write on my trash book, knowing that whatever comes out is trash anyways, and actually end up using the material a lot of the time.  I do love my trash book! : )