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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Inspires the Writer In Me- Short Stories Continued

I love it when I can read a short story!  The writer in me loves to be inspired by other writers.  One thing that really inspires me to write a short story is to feed my love and enjoyment for them.  I have fun reading short stories.  The more I love what I am doing, the more it inspires me to write a short story.  I always enjoy writing short stories, but when I want to really be inspired to come up with something original, I read some short stories.  This gets my mind going to think of the subject I am dealing with.  You do not have to read the genre you are writing on.  You just need something to re-live the enjoyment and love that you have for short stories.  Have you ever heard a song and decided you wanted to play it?  If you are a musicain you might.  It might get them going on one of their own works.  Same goes with writers.  They make their own music.