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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Story Behind the Art

The creativity in books is endless!  I like to look at art and draw a story from it.  One of my favorite things is artwork based on books.  It is unique and attracting because it catches one of the moments in the story that you have read, or will read.  All of the emotions, drama, and action that is presented in a drawing is very useful and interesting to see when you look at artwork that is based on a book.  You get to see the climax at that moment of that particular part in the story.  I have fun reflecting on what it is that I have read from the book.  Looking at artwork based on a book is a lot like freezing time in the story.  With all of the action, romance, or drama going on, you freeze it at one time in the story.  It is exciting and fun to have artwork to enjoy from a book, and read the story behind it.  Some of the artwork I enjoy with a great story behind it is The Buck by Danica Knutson and Celebration and Release of Satan's Spirit by Danica Knutson.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Science Fiction Books Make the Best Movies- Revisited: Hunger Games

Science fiction books are one of my favorite genres to read about.  I love to watch movies and read books that are in this genre.  They have some of the most exciting plots and action packed stories.  My favorite part is the creativity in these stories!  Science fiction books make some of the best movies out there!  One of these great science fiction books made into a movie is Hunger Games.  I watched the movie Hunger Games.  This is a really good movie!  I loved the creativity in it.  It will be impossible to forget this story anytime soon.  The movie Hunger Games is based on the novel by Suzanne Collins.  This is definitely a fun story and I am looking forward to watching the sequels of the Hunger Games.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are Werewolves Real?

Literature tells us of the epic battle raged between humans and werewolves. We know of their struggle between good and evil, between love and hate- what makes them so interesting is the link that werewolves have to being a regular human being at day and an animal at nights.

But are werewolves real? Or is it a science fiction based struggle that we have seen through so many other characters? A werewolf links between human and animal. A vampire links between a human and blood sucking monster. Bigfoot is closely linked with human and animal. So are they just science fiction? And what makes us enjoy their company in the imaginative world of T.V., movies, series, comics, books and novels?

Artists, authors, theorists all try to create a new beginning for these beloved creatures, to create a link to real human feelings, and an internal struggle which we seek to resolve. As today's technology increases, any chances of a creature of this nature is dimming in its likelihood of being discovered or having existed. But that doesn't stop us from trying! There will be a new twist to every story, to try and create something different from what we have seen before.

So, be it science fiction or reality, our interest will never die and only grows as time goes by. But one has to wonder if the epic tales between good and evil, human and animal, will ever be told in such a way as they were in the very beginning, when our interest was at its peek.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Missing Puzzle Piece in Horror Books

All horror books need some mystery behind them.  Without it there would be a missing piece in the puzzle for horror books.  The excitement and curiosity behind a mystery in horror books makes them so much fun to read.  To me, this is one of the biggest elements in horror books.  I love not knowing what to expect in the plot of horror books.  This missing puzzle piece is one of the most interesting parts of horror books.  Not knowing where the killer is or who the killer is just adds to the fun in horror books.  I like to read horror books that have a mystery on how the evil in the book can be stopped.  I also like to read horror books when I find out there is a mystery behind the story in the book.  It makes for a much scarier book for me to read when there is a mystery behind the terror.  The terror part is frightening enough, but when you do not know much about it and are kept in the dark with a good plot, it appears much more frightening to me.  This is the missing piece to the puzzle for the horror books that I read.  I love horror books that have a mystery behind them!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking Forward to Science Fiction Books

What excites me is the plot and the atmosphere I read in science fiction books.  I am looking forward to the space setting and the action plots in science fiction books.  I think space adventures are always exciting.  I love to see the imagination play out in science fiction books.  Now what will they think of next?  With an action plot in science fiction books you can have the amount of someone or something's strength to the point of the authors imagination.  This is never dull.  The extent to what makes that someone or something weak is also up to the amount of the imagination of the author.  This adds drama to the imagination of science fiction books.  It is always exciting, and I never know how it is going to play out.  I am looking forward to it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shining the Light On Western Books

Shining the light on western books brings out many popular genres within this genre in different western books.  Genres such as action, science fiction, and comedy are shining the light on western books.  These are all my favorite.  I could not choose any one of these combinations out of the others.  They bring out such a unique story and are shining the light on western books.  Another classic would be romance genres shining the light when they are used within the western genre in western books.  I like to see the different outcomes when you mix things up with different genres within western books.  When I see this in western books it is my curiosity that makes me pick the book up because you never know what it is going to be.  I am excited to find out what it is that I am going to be reading.  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Breaking Point In Horror Books

All horror books have a breaking point.  The point where everything falls apart in a horror book.  Whether it is the villain being caught, or the victims all being taken down there will be a breaking point.  I like it when the good guys win, so I usually like the villain to be caught.  Although there are many good books where the villain wins and the victims in the story are defeated.  I can not say which is my favorite breaking point in horror books.  It usually depends on the story to me.  Sometimes I will be disappointed if the breaking point is with the victims in the book, but I can not deny that I had just read a good horror book.  I also like a breaking point where the villain is never found.  It leaves a suspense and it is the breaking point where neither the victim or the villain get the closure they want.