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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Power To Write- Get Inspired

     The writer's experience is a novel in itself!  We go through so many adventures and trials both in our books and in real life.  Every author's experience is different!  How fun is that?  Our readers only get to go through half the fun that we do.  It's like some of those movies where people leave on a quest, go through and learn so much, and actually have a great, unforgettable time.  But once they're back home - they never want to do it again - they don't want to leave.  If people who don't write could go through what we do, without the hassle of writing, I'm sure they wouldn't forget it either.  It's fun, self-fulfilling, and it makes you full - as if to say, " the cake was the best cake I've ever had and my stomach's so full there isn't room for any more." -  Ha, ha - it's kind of like kids when they're worn out.  Give them time and they'll go at it again.