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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Do you ever feel happy reading your mail or emails?  Do reminders in the mail help you stay on track?  Here's an idea:  there is someone who wants to see you finish your book and is emailing you constantly, everyday, to remind you and to give suggestions.

     Okay if the message isn't worth seeing you might end up with a crowed inbox, but say that it is worth it.  Sometimes ideas roll in and suggestions of ways to go in the story.  Who?  An agent.  No.  A publisher?  I wish.  A friend? might call it that.  It's a character from your book!

     What?!  Ha, ha!  A character from your book is a very important individual to be speaking to you because they know how much your book has to offer.  There is no one else who has that special insight.  The author that spends valuable time to put together something that can be shared and provide a joyful experience for those who read the material, should be as eager as the character in their book to get this thing finished!

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