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Friday, August 12, 2011

What Inspires the Writer in Me- Comedy Genres

When I think of a nice plot and find some humor in it, I am inspired to make it into a comedy story.  A nice plot, whether it has action, horror, or romance in it, makes a great story when humor is added.  I like how the story Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter mixes comedy with the detailed history of Abraham Lincoln.  I like to think of a nice story that I am familiar with.  Then I like to add some humor to it!  This is the best part for me!  I like to develop a new story out of my oh so familiar one with something no one would have guessed would be included in the plot I have created.  I am inspired to think of the obvious, then think of the not so obvious, that is sort of comical when you think of the two together.  That is fun to me!