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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are Werewolves Real?

Literature tells us of the epic battle raged between humans and werewolves. We know of their struggle between good and evil, between love and hate- what makes them so interesting is the link that werewolves have to being a regular human being at day and an animal at nights.

But are werewolves real? Or is it a science fiction based struggle that we have seen through so many other characters? A werewolf links between human and animal. A vampire links between a human and blood sucking monster. Bigfoot is closely linked with human and animal. So are they just science fiction? And what makes us enjoy their company in the imaginative world of T.V., movies, series, comics, books and novels?

Artists, authors, theorists all try to create a new beginning for these beloved creatures, to create a link to real human feelings, and an internal struggle which we seek to resolve. As today's technology increases, any chances of a creature of this nature is dimming in its likelihood of being discovered or having existed. But that doesn't stop us from trying! There will be a new twist to every story, to try and create something different from what we have seen before.

So, be it science fiction or reality, our interest will never die and only grows as time goes by. But one has to wonder if the epic tales between good and evil, human and animal, will ever be told in such a way as they were in the very beginning, when our interest was at its peek.

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