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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Story Behind the Art

The creativity in books is endless!  I like to look at art and draw a story from it.  One of my favorite things is artwork based on books.  It is unique and attracting because it catches one of the moments in the story that you have read, or will read.  All of the emotions, drama, and action that is presented in a drawing is very useful and interesting to see when you look at artwork that is based on a book.  You get to see the climax at that moment of that particular part in the story.  I have fun reflecting on what it is that I have read from the book.  Looking at artwork based on a book is a lot like freezing time in the story.  With all of the action, romance, or drama going on, you freeze it at one time in the story.  It is exciting and fun to have artwork to enjoy from a book, and read the story behind it.  Some of the artwork I enjoy with a great story behind it is The Buck by Danica Knutson and Celebration and Release of Satan's Spirit by Danica Knutson.

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