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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Breaking Point In Horror Books

All horror books have a breaking point.  The point where everything falls apart in a horror book.  Whether it is the villain being caught, or the victims all being taken down there will be a breaking point.  I like it when the good guys win, so I usually like the villain to be caught.  Although there are many good books where the villain wins and the victims in the story are defeated.  I can not say which is my favorite breaking point in horror books.  It usually depends on the story to me.  Sometimes I will be disappointed if the breaking point is with the victims in the book, but I can not deny that I had just read a good horror book.  I also like a breaking point where the villain is never found.  It leaves a suspense and it is the breaking point where neither the victim or the villain get the closure they want.

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