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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Missing Puzzle Piece in Horror Books

All horror books need some mystery behind them.  Without it there would be a missing piece in the puzzle for horror books.  The excitement and curiosity behind a mystery in horror books makes them so much fun to read.  To me, this is one of the biggest elements in horror books.  I love not knowing what to expect in the plot of horror books.  This missing puzzle piece is one of the most interesting parts of horror books.  Not knowing where the killer is or who the killer is just adds to the fun in horror books.  I like to read horror books that have a mystery on how the evil in the book can be stopped.  I also like to read horror books when I find out there is a mystery behind the story in the book.  It makes for a much scarier book for me to read when there is a mystery behind the terror.  The terror part is frightening enough, but when you do not know much about it and are kept in the dark with a good plot, it appears much more frightening to me.  This is the missing piece to the puzzle for the horror books that I read.  I love horror books that have a mystery behind them!

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