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Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Strings Attached Science Fiction Books

I can never find any strings attached to science fiction books.  These books definitely have no boundaries.  There are no specific themes or settings that have to accompany a science fiction book.  Science fiction books are never limited to any one idea dealing with science.  I find this fascinating.  A writer can attach any kind of imaginary science plot, and attach any kind of characters they wish to their science fiction book.  Readers of science fiction books enjoy this kind of diversity in the books they read.  I love the unique style of characters that a writer chooses to attach to the science fiction books that they write.  I also love the different types of worlds and galaxies that many science fiction books have.  Even the smallest settings in science fiction books have no strings attached at all.  You can read a science fiction book with any kind of micro world within the reach of the writers imagination.  There are no strings attached to science fiction books when you choose to read them!

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