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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Other Side of Horror Books

I think the other side of horror books would be the imaginative part of it.  What ever may be your hearts desire, or your worst nightmare.  The creativity behind what ever you can imagine that could frighten or scare you can be amazing.  In some cases, you would have never guessed some of the frightening stories that you come across in your wildest dreams!  I find this side of horror books to be the most entertaining.  I am always thinking of what they can come up with next.  The other side of horror books definitely has no bounds.  It is just the imaginative part of the writer and the imaginative side of the reader that really makes horror books fun to read.  When I think of the other side of horror books I always think of those great and classic books that were the first of its kind, and started the trend of many other great books to read just like it.

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