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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Writing Ideas- Activities For Your Book

     Diagnosed with writer's block?  Well, it's just another one of those toppings, to add to the pie!  That is, if you're one of those people, that try to make the best, out of every bad situation.  Lucky for you, I'm one of those people; that put the brightside on sunshine!  Writer's block just got fun!

     Writer's block is like a way for your mind to tell you, "It's time for a writer's retreat," taking you in depth into your story, into what you haven't captured yet.  Or maybe it's like shinning a spotlight on your story, and you see something that was hidden in the dark.  See where you were headed- you might be surprised of the direction.

     Don't get lost, depressed, use six fun ways to cope!
1.  Writer's Block Poem or Story
2.  Expand Vocabulary
3.  Enhance Characters
4.  Timeline
5.  Brainstorm Bubble
6.  Clear Your Mind

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