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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Power To Write- Get Inspired

     As writers, we all face many of the same challenges that vary in degree from time to time.  Writer's block: time, lack of inspiration, hesitation, life and other challenges outside of your writing career, are some of the most broadly known problems to us all.  If these dilemmas hit us it's hard to get back to writing.  Sometimes writing a little is better than writing a lot of material that does simply nothing but depress you.  If writing keeps you going from day to day, don't give it up!  Turning to your characters and your novel can comfort you more than anything.

     List what you like and dislike about your characters.  List what the reader might like or dislike about the characters.  Sometimes a nice look at your novel in this way can open up new possibilities for character developing and sharper ideas.

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